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This game's aesthetic manages to be both beautiful and creepy at the same time. I'd like to request a dedicated "dance" button! Is it possible to find "the Abbey?"


Amazing game! Can't wait for full version on Steam. Here my fav part:


We will be looking into support for additional languages closer to Strobophagia's full release, so stay posted!

How do you do multiplayer?

First, since our multiplayer mode is pretty inactive you'll need someone to play against. Then you both download Strobophagia-Versus-Win-x64-alpha-0.6.1(Nov-2019).zip and use any of the three ways to connect in the multiplayer menu.

If you need more help (or someone to play against) we have a discord server where we can give you more direct supprt.


I’m such a sculler for bright neon colors! I loved this game and actually replayed the entire thing just to get both endings! 

Thanks for such a fun time creator! Here is my experience If you want to watch my struggle:) 


One trip of a game. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. Looking forward to the finished product.


I imagine this game isn’t epilepsy safe and that I shouldn’t try it, aye? Looks cool though!


There are flashing images that is unsafe for people with epilepsy, yes. If you suffer from epilepsy you should for your own wellbeing not play our game, sadly. 

Glad that you liked what you saw of Strobophagia though!


this game was awesome!!! It took me a second attempt to get the gist of it though. But that was my fault.


ı love the game


I just played this game on my channel and really enjoyed it!  I highly recommend it, and if you want a more detailed explanation just watch till the end of the video!


Ich hab euer Spiel über den Youtuber  SEV gefunden, ich schreibe bewusst auf Deutsch, vielleicht bin ich die erste Deutsche die das Spiel kennt

Ich liebe das Design, eure Mucke, die is der Hammer, hoffe da kommt noch mehr


Love your game, had no issues while playing it so far. Hopefully this can be VR one day and maybe have more added to the story to become a fully fleshed out story-driven game

The game looks amazing, and I would love to play, but every time I download and/or redownload the game I seem to fall through the map and am unable to play the game at all! This happens no matter what I do. Any suggestions or advice?

Sad to hear that you are having trouble playing our Alpha. To help us figure out what may be your issue, what are the stats of your PC? (Graphics card, CPU, OS)

i think you should give a backstory to it. make characters more human form. make the game longer and polish it

perhaps even cooperate with another company

it'll be a waist to not make a decent game out of this idea

I think I found my new aesthetic. such a pretty game!

way too lagy, needs to have an option to turn the descusting motion blur off but a great idea for a game

cant find a play button ive downloaded too smh

Hi! Sorry to hear that you're having issues. What can you see when booted into the game?

Had a lot of fun playing! Going to have to spend some more time to find the other endings :)


This would make an amazing VR game. Keep it up, it's beautiful!!

I really want to play this. But it wont open on my Mac. Tried the experimental download too. :(

Exit code 0x1 (1) for (Strobophagia Alpha Version 0.6.1.x86_64). How do I fix this? I'm using fedora workstation.

Sorry to hear. Our Linux build is currently highly experimental, but we are looking into ways to make them more stable, so stay tuned.

man its not working on linux ubuntu 18.04

Please consider making this game available in consoles, specually Switch and PS! 

SKIP TO 5:52!!!

This was such a fun experience! Setting up Bacchic rites as a rave is one of the most creative ideas I've seen! I loved the art style and I can't wait to see more!

I want to play this game.. but it lags so much. Can you please fix this?

Our current build isn't that well optimized, so we are currently looking at ways to improve the performance of Strobophagia. Coming patches will hopefully fix some or most of the lag, depending on your setup.

TLDR: We know, stay tuned.

Thank you so much for replying, I will be looking forward to updated versions! 

Interesting Game!! I got lost lol.

I missed so many puzzles, but I loved the atmosphere and music! When I tried to replay, though, I couldn't get the game to load. Is it suppised to be a one chance thing, or do I need to delete the save?

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Hey, for some reason the actual game isn't showing up on my screen. It's only black. All of the menus and stuff are, but not the actual game. How do I fix this? Am I stupid? :(

Looks absolutely fascinating and I commend you on the looks alone. Would love to play but seems to require a very high end PC. 

My mouse sensitivity was default set extremely high for this game, and I think there should be an option to change that in game if possible (instead of manually changing the mouse sensitivity in computer settings I mean).

Even though I screwed up I still enjoyed it.

I love the premise to this game and all of the gameplay I've seen is phenomenal. However, I have a Mac and for some reason the game doesn't work on it. When I open the game, my cursor changes and I can hear sounds, but the screen remains black. If I press Esc, the ambience changes and I can press WASD and hear walking noises, so presumably the game works; I just can't see anything. I know it's just an early build, though, so thanks for putting it out for Mac so early anyway!

Got a little lost in the beginning but this game was a great experience.  Love the lights, love the feel, love the atmosphere.  It's weird in just the right ways, and I have no idea what was happening, but I feel like if I played through again I could find some more secrets and actually finish the Rites.  Terrific job dev


This game was amazing, the color, the designs, the music! This game was a bit of everything I like! Looking forward to the full release.


LOVED the feel, and the music was awesome! cant wait to see what the full game brings honestly

Really interesting game. I only had the time for one ending but it was very cool. nice job.


Just played the game in full and got both endings. I adore this game!! I've never been a fan of horror games but this one truly is amazing. It's super fun, and has such an amazing concept! I will definitely be recommending to more people. I can't wait to see where you go from here!


Sad thing is though, near the end of my playthrough and after I had just placed the last of the rites, my game crashed, and I wasn't able to see what happened after that :( Not sure if this was a bug, or something on my computer's end, but I digress. Doesn't change my opinion on how much I love this game!


Never ever have I ever played a horror game that had me coming back for more for the simple fact that the music is awesome

I cannot express to you how much fun I had in my playthrough, thank you so much for the fun and frightening experience.



I had A LOT of fun with this :D 

Wil likely play more i nthe future, thanks for the fun <3 

Glad to hear! Thanks for playing our game.


Oh, how I love indie developers. If not for them, we wouldn’t get fresh concepts like Strobophagia. I can already see the plethora of fan art that’s sure to come. Its style and presentation is Strobophagia’s most immediately obvious BIG asset, but the more you play, the more you learn about its unique world. While most horror games follow the same ol’ tropes, Strobophagia dares to be different, taking the player out of the haunted houses and into its psychedelic world. I wish more games had the desire to be unique. 

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