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An occult forest rave
Strange rituals
Enigmatic organisers
An ancient Evil

Following a promise of the ultimate expression of freedom, you find yourself at the Headless Festival. However, that freedom comes at a cost as the organisers announce that the price of admission is the lives of all attendees.
Find a way to escape, even as the forest itself appears to work against you. Try to maintain a grip on reality while logic takes a backseat. And whatever you do, stay away from the sinister presence in the darkness.
Can you make your way out without losing yourself?

- Original EDM soundtrack by doxed
- Classic survival horror through a psychedelic rave lens
- Macabre puzzles following twisted logic
- In-game smartphone mechanic that helps you locate points of interest and consult the numerous attendees for help

This is the Alpha release for Strobophagia, a first person horror game in which you navigate your way through a rave and solve puzzles to survive.
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Made by indie startup Green Tile Digital

Full credits in game


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Strobophagia-Windows-x64-alpha.zip 631 MB
Version 0.7.0
Strobophagia-Versus-Win-x64-alpha-0.6.1(Nov-2019).zip 768 MB

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I just played this game on my channel and really enjoyed it!  I highly recommend it, and if you want a more detailed explanation just watch till the end of the video!


Ich hab euer Spiel über den Youtuber  SEV gefunden, ich schreibe bewusst auf Deutsch, vielleicht bin ich die erste Deutsche die das Spiel kennt

Ich liebe das Design, eure Mucke, die is der Hammer, hoffe da kommt noch mehr


Love your game, had no issues while playing it so far. Hopefully this can be VR one day and maybe have more added to the story to become a fully fleshed out story-driven game

The game looks amazing, and I would love to play, but every time I download and/or redownload the game I seem to fall through the map and am unable to play the game at all! This happens no matter what I do. Any suggestions or advice?

Sad to hear that you are having trouble playing our Alpha. To help us figure out what may be your issue, what are the stats of your PC? (Graphics card, CPU, OS)

i think you should give a backstory to it. make characters more human form. make the game longer and polish it

perhaps even cooperate with another company

it'll be a waist to not make a decent game out of this idea

I think I found my new aesthetic. such a pretty game!

way too lagy, needs to have an option to turn the descusting motion blur off but a great idea for a game

cant find a play button ive downloaded too smh

Hi! Sorry to hear that you're having issues. What can you see when booted into the game?

Had a lot of fun playing! Going to have to spend some more time to find the other endings :)


This would make an amazing VR game. Keep it up, it's beautiful!!

I really want to play this. But it wont open on my Mac. Tried the experimental download too. :(

Exit code 0x1 (1) for (Strobophagia Alpha Version 0.6.1.x86_64). How do I fix this? I'm using fedora workstation.

Sorry to hear. Our Linux build is currently highly experimental, but we are looking into ways to make them more stable, so stay tuned.

man its not working on linux ubuntu 18.04

Please consider making this game available in consoles, specually Switch and PS! 

SKIP TO 5:52!!!

This was such a fun experience! Setting up Bacchic rites as a rave is one of the most creative ideas I've seen! I loved the art style and I can't wait to see more!

I want to play this game.. but it lags so much. Can you please fix this?

Our current build isn't that well optimized, so we are currently looking at ways to improve the performance of Strobophagia. Coming patches will hopefully fix some or most of the lag, depending on your setup.

TLDR: We know, stay tuned.

Thank you so much for replying, I will be looking forward to updated versions! 

Interesting Game!! I got lost lol.

I missed so many puzzles, but I loved the atmosphere and music! When I tried to replay, though, I couldn't get the game to load. Is it suppised to be a one chance thing, or do I need to delete the save?

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Hey, for some reason the actual game isn't showing up on my screen. It's only black. All of the menus and stuff are, but not the actual game. How do I fix this? Am I stupid? :(

Looks absolutely fascinating and I commend you on the looks alone. Would love to play but seems to require a very high end PC. 

My mouse sensitivity was default set extremely high for this game, and I think there should be an option to change that in game if possible (instead of manually changing the mouse sensitivity in computer settings I mean).

Even though I screwed up I still enjoyed it.

I love the premise to this game and all of the gameplay I've seen is phenomenal. However, I have a Mac and for some reason the game doesn't work on it. When I open the game, my cursor changes and I can hear sounds, but the screen remains black. If I press Esc, the ambience changes and I can press WASD and hear walking noises, so presumably the game works; I just can't see anything. I know it's just an early build, though, so thanks for putting it out for Mac so early anyway!

Got a little lost in the beginning but this game was a great experience.  Love the lights, love the feel, love the atmosphere.  It's weird in just the right ways, and I have no idea what was happening, but I feel like if I played through again I could find some more secrets and actually finish the Rites.  Terrific job dev


This game was amazing, the color, the designs, the music! This game was a bit of everything I like! Looking forward to the full release.


LOVED the feel, and the music was awesome! cant wait to see what the full game brings honestly

Really interesting game. I only had the time for one ending but it was very cool. nice job.


Just played the game in full and got both endings. I adore this game!! I've never been a fan of horror games but this one truly is amazing. It's super fun, and has such an amazing concept! I will definitely be recommending to more people. I can't wait to see where you go from here!


Sad thing is though, near the end of my playthrough and after I had just placed the last of the rites, my game crashed, and I wasn't able to see what happened after that :( Not sure if this was a bug, or something on my computer's end, but I digress. Doesn't change my opinion on how much I love this game!


Never ever have I ever played a horror game that had me coming back for more for the simple fact that the music is awesome

I cannot express to you how much fun I had in my playthrough, thank you so much for the fun and frightening experience.



I had A LOT of fun with this :D 

Wil likely play more i nthe future, thanks for the fun <3 

Glad to hear! Thanks for playing our game.


Oh, how I love indie developers. If not for them, we wouldn’t get fresh concepts like Strobophagia. I can already see the plethora of fan art that’s sure to come. Its style and presentation is Strobophagia’s most immediately obvious BIG asset, but the more you play, the more you learn about its unique world. While most horror games follow the same ol’ tropes, Strobophagia dares to be different, taking the player out of the haunted houses and into its psychedelic world. I wish more games had the desire to be unique. 

i know this party

Oum-WiFi, Somyata

Вообще, действительно пора бы лесную сому сделать уже в 20 то году будет))

And  I have found one game breaking bug - after having Bucheum opened and giving the "offering" (and  dying in the process), when I return to the place to pick up the third piece of the picture and picking it up, the game suddenly teleports me back to the dancefloor area, but piece of picture is first floating in air and then dissapears under textures and thus I can´t complete the picture. That bug happened only to me only  if I drank  alcohol before passing the doors in Bucheum.


Strange. We'll try to reproduce it on our side, but you could try the new patch and see if it is fixed.


The patch seems to fixed it. I also found the way to survive the Bucheum puzzle by throwing an alcohol bottle at the demon. Though  am  I supposed to get a piece of picture even when I fail to do so and die instead?  Because I have found that if I throw wine bottle to wrong box at NAX-05 puzzle, I die and don´t get any part of picture there  until I solve the puzzle right.

I encountered another small bug though (unless it´s a feature instead) and that is that one of these purple killers spawned near dance floor and I ran into it while holding wine bottle in my hand. It attacked me, but didn´t kill me. I lost that wine bottle though, which dissapeared. But that killer then kept running in into some object at dancefloor infinitely.


Great feedback! About Bucheum, they did tell you to bring an offering, didn't they? An offering is an offering, after all.

The aggressive dancers aren't supposed to enter the dance floor though, so both that and the infinite running away are bugs. The survival from being attacked part is poorly explained, we'll look into making that clearer. 


For alpha this game is great. I see only two problems - first, the looking for points of interest through Wifi signal should be better explained - as I during my first playthrough just chaotically ran through the forest and usually just bumped on them randomly. And that scanning the QR code allows us to see and post messages there. I also liked how you implemented message system into giving hints fo a player.

Second problem, I didn´t like the pink enemies in the forest, as I have enough problem with finding next point of interest already and also would just like to enjoy the atmosphere, without these annoying enemies breaking it for me.

Also I don´t know if it´s a bug, but in one of the puzzles, when that one closed door opens and we aren´t supposed to come there empty handed, when I  did  and got killed, I returned to the door and found there part of picture lying.  Are we supposed to be the offering or  are we supposed to bring there some item as told? Or both? And if first one is true, is  us respawning back at dance floor everytime we get killed, is it a part of the story of the game?

I also liked how it´s branched.


Just played it now and I am blown away by the attention to detail, the aesthetic and the idea behind it is great. It took me a bit to get the hang of but once i figured out what I was doing, I was off and running around. The sensitivity on the mouse was a little sharp and moved to fast for such small movements which I felt ruined a lot of the horrors and jump scares I experienced while being chased. Other than that, great game and I highly recommend to anyone that this is worth giving a try.


Cant wait to see how this turns out! Great music and the choice of aesthetics is on point. 


I'm using mac and so am unable to play... Dunno how hard it is to develop an OSX version but it would be great. 

We could build an OSX version for you, but the problem for us is that we can't test if it works. Therefore, no promises on if it will actually work, but an OSX version will probably be built and ready for blind testing in the coming week.


Experimental OSX version up and running, hope it works for you.

Well, maybe it's from me but I think not unfortunately ; I downloaded the game on OS and I can't get past the main menu

It freezes every 3frames and can't get the game started

Like when I clic on single player the newt menu overlays with the 1st one

Nontheless super cool game and awesome atmosphere keep up the good work !

Sorry to hear that. We will try to get a Mac into the office so we have an easier way to troubleshoot those issues. In the meantime, what specs does your Mac have?

Processor: 1,6GHz Intel Core i5
Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics


I played this game it need bit optimization. I made a gameplay bit its not the full Game thats why not uploading it! 


with all due respect this is my funny i dunno not funny gameplay and some critics and verdict


Cool game :) Fun to play for a couple minutes. Multiplayer worked straight away which was nice. The game has great graphics and the animations are amazing. This along with music that gets you in a trance, all things really add to the emmersion. 

As for feedback. I would like to see more "abilities" added for the eye to protect against the attacker. Right now playing as it feels very defenceless and you basicly have to guess based on very little who is what. Tells of where attacks happened, area checks, back protection, tracking. 

Playing as the attacker feels nice. You have to avoid making it too clear you're chasing the other masks. A slight annoyance i felt was when trying to close in on the eye you all of a sudden turn very slow, this is fine for balance,  but every time, it caught me by surprise and felt unfair. 

In summary: 100% worth playing. Its only in Alpha, but it feels polished already.